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Gain access to 10+ resources for free with a five day trial of my VIP Monthly Membership. You'll receive instant access to a Google Drive Folder with my hottest resources for the month.

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  • Best Value

    VIP Monthly Member

    Every month
    Try before you buy with a FREE 5 day trial of VIP Membership
     5 day free trial
    • 2 Interactive Valentine's Day Activities
    • Valentine's Day Printables | Roast, BINGO, and more
    • Paragraph Writing Rubric
    • TikTok and IG Templates for Students
    • Vibe Check | SEL check in
    • Love Yourself Activity
    • Backdrop Slides
    • Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Agenda Templates
    • Google Classroom Headers
    • Plus additional BONUS CONTENT
  • VIP Annual Member

    Every year
    Pay 1 time annual fee to save ($45 off when you pay yearly)
    • Includes all seasonal and interactive resources each month
    • Requests and recommendation for future resources
    • Seasonal/Holiday Editable Templates
    • Interactive resources for secondary students
    • BONUS-- All content from my site in 2021 prior to joining
  • Agenda Template Club

    Every month
    $1.99/month for monthly agenda template for all seasons
    • 30+ agenda template slides delivered each month
    • Editable to plug in your info
    • Daily Agenda Slides
    • Weekly Agenda Slides
    • Monthly Calendar
    • **bonus FREE Google Classroom Headers Each month**
  • School Access Plan

    Every year
    Perfect for admin to gift to their staff and students
    • Annual Plan with instant access to over 80 digital resources
    • 12 months of resources
    • 15+ Themed Agenda Templates
    • 50+ Interactive Resources
    • Holiday + Seasonal Themes
    • Reflections, Mindfulness, and Self Awareness
    • Build relationships + Increase Student Engagement

VIP Membership Policy

User must cancel within the site area at least 48 hours subscription renewal. If emailing to request a cancellation, then user needs to message at least 10 days prior to subscription renewal. 

No refunds will be offered if cancellation does not occur in timely manner.

Please remain a member for at least 2 complete billing cycles to not take advantage of a discounted subscription rate with intention to cancel afterwards.

Resources from the Kinda Sorta Teacher (slides, lesson, templates, and activities are not to be shared, transferred, or copied to share with others).

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