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Having a hard time getting the students to connect with Beowulf? This activity is interactive and combines the Old English epic poem with TikTok and Spotify. The students will be engaged and actively using higher level thinking, connecting the tale to real life!


There is over 20 sides to pick from where you can have students write an autobiography paragraph, create a TikTok bio, choose trending hashtags for characters, drag and drop to decide who Beowulf would follow/unfollow, and even creating a Spotify playlist!


Specifically includes a focus on Beowulf, Grendel, and Grendel's Mother.


Slide 1: Title Page
Slide 2: Table of Contents
Slide 3: Drag and Drop Follow or Unfollow
Slide 4: Creating Hashtags
Slide 5: Blank Beowulf Template Slide
Slide 6: Beowulf’s Autobiography
Slide 7: Beowulf’s TikTok Bio
Slide 8: Beowulf’s Textual Evidence
Slide 9: Beowulf’s Spotify Playlist
Slide 10: Blank Beowulf Spotify Slide
Slide 11: Blank Grendel Template Slide
Slide 12: Grendel’s Autobiography
Slide 13: Grendel’s TikTok Bio
Slide 14: Grendel’s Textual Evidence
Slide 15: Grendel's Spotify Playlist
Slide 16: Blank Grendel Spotify Slide
Slide 17: Blank Grendel’s Mother Template Slide
Slide 18: Grendel’s Mother’s Autobiography
Slide 19: Grendel’s Mother’s TikTok Bio
Slide 20: Grendel’s Mother’s Textual Evidence
Slide 21: Grendel's Mother’s Spotify Playlist
Slide 22: Blank Grendel’s Mother’s Spotify Slide

Getting Modern: Social Media With Beowulf

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