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If you're looking for printable coloring pages to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, then look no further! These are ready to print and will make such cute classroom and hallway decor. Includes Spanish speaking countries to be acknowledged during Hispanic Heritage Month and notable figures to be celebrated.


Perfect for the bug kids like middle and high school students (even upper elementary) with more aesthetic and mature designs than the average coloring pages!


Includes 40 Pages in all:

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (notable figures)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (notable figures)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (globe)
  • This is why we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 1
  • This is why we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2
  • Cuba collage page
  • Puerto Rico collage page
  • Mexico collage page
  • Spain collage page
  • Colombia collage page
  • Argentina collage page
  • Chile collage page
  • Bolivia collage page
  • Costa Rica collage page
  • Dominican Republic collage page
  • Ecuador collage page
  • El Salvador collage page
  • Guatemala collage page
  • Honduras collage page
  • Nicaragua collage page
  • Panama collage page
  • Paraguay collage page
  • Peru collage page
  • Uruguay collage page
  • Roberto Clemente quote page
  • Floral portrait of Frida Kahlo
  • Floral portrait of Selena
  • Floral portrait of Roberto Clemente
  • Floral portrait of Sofia Vergara
  • Floral portrait of Sonia Sotomayor
  • Floral portrait of Ellen Ochoa
  • Roberto Clemente Collage (x2)
  • Frida Kahlo Collage (x2)
  • Selena Collage (x2)
  • Sonia Sotomayor Collage (x2)
  • Ellen Ochoa Collage (x2)
  • Sofia Vergara Collage (x2)

Heritage Month Coloring Pages

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