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Spend 1 hour getting 1:1 help with all things business-- canva, website design, social media, marketing, mindset, monetization, branding, niche, audience, selling, strategies-- you ask anything and I will tell!

Spend 1 hour getting 1:1 help with taking a resource you have collecting dust in your Google Drive to a revamped product.


We can spend our time collaborating in Canva, learning how to move animated material from Canva to Slides, creating your first thumbnail, list your resource on TpT, or whatever you need help with.


Be prepared to come to the 1:1 live meeting with a resource that you want to revamp or notes to ensure we are maximizing your time!

I cannot wait to help you bring your creations to life! 🥳️

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What my Clients Say

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Not Your Mama's Health Teacher

Hi sorry for the late text! Just want to say thanks again for everything. Your coaching has tremendously helped me. This month I made close to 1K from selling resources. I went from making $20 a moth to now almost $1,000. That's pretty amazing."

Then 24 hours later...

"Made abnother $500 today alone, AHHH LOL sorry just sharing my excitement🥳️"

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