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All Y'all Do Is TEACH.

I am going to let y'all in on a little secret ( I can't never hold water, and I am a natural born snitch). 

If you want to get a teacher in their feelings, all you have to do is tell them one of the following...




I will say I've always felt the biggest thing we do as educators is build relationships. Teaching should be number one though, right?

The times have changed since I graduated in 2008. We are expected to teach the whole child-- their brain, heart, soul-- everything. We wear lots of hats and wind up playing teacher, mom, sister, friend, and worst enemy. And I cannot deny...

Sometimes that's draining. We have to wipe our emotions off our sleeves and show the fuck up for them.

I feel when I was in high school, we turned in our worksheets, never talked to teachers, and that was that. And sadly, it's a running joke in Beaufort to say, "You know you went to Creek" as an insult to our intelligence and education instilled at BC prior to the Whale Branch split.

I never want that to be a running joke for my students.

They know shit. They are everything.

I went to TCL and USCB and I was even illy unprepared for those local colleges. I cannot image the horror if I'd left home and went to a large university-- I'd have flunked out.

I asked a handful of old classmates what they felt they got out of attending school at Creek and they had assorted answers.

All we did was learn books. Stuff I read back then almost doesn't pertain to life today and come to find out many books were missing valued information (as well as pages).

​I feel like I was prepared enough for the next level which was college. It was then that I started to prepare myself for what was out there in the real world. During college is when I began taking on real responsibilities that would prepare me to handle life on my own.

I was unprepared as far as from what I learned from Creek. High school was like a pass or fail class in college. Show up you pass. Don't you fail. If you learn something in the process great. If not, ehh no big deal you don't really need it anyway.

I don't feel like I was prepared for college but I don't feel it was creeks job to prepare me for the real world. I think it didn't shelter me that's for sure. That I appreciate. I was exposed to things but I don't think I was prepared for the real world and going to college really help me figure out who I was, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to be.

I didn't learn anything there, like dead serious. I B.S.-ed my way through high school copying other people's work. Social skills were on us to figure out and life skills... (Hell, I didn't even know about ACT/SAT until 12th grade). By then, I felt it was too late. Honestly, nobody seemed to care man, for real, so I didn't!

I learned the most from Ms. Peebles (the chemistry teacher) I learned a lot because her class was the most challenging for me. I got a 19 on my first test, and that made me hit the books, Stay after school to understand, and she used the smart board a lot. Plus the experiments were hands on and I'm a hands on learner so... Socially, I learned how to hang around everyone. I didn't have any specific group but could talk to just about everyone because of all the extracurricular activities.




You see, I was unashamed and even asked for some criticism here with question number one. 

I did this reluctantly, as I know I have pissed off many, many, many, many (many to infinity) of my students.

​They do not always like my blunt words and direct voice blaring towards them.

I've heard chatter that I am a "bitch." Blah Blah. You right. My ex-husband could have told you that.

 They could have truly roasted me in that aspect, but most decided to answer number two.

I asked for permission to use their first name and pictures, so you could get a vibe of their sweet soul as reading their words. ​



MOUSEY ​2015

Mousey was never my student. She was the captain of my step team-- and I just supervised. She ran that team. We grew up together as kids-- she was at my parents house sharing everything Jade and I did for years on end. I love her.

Also, this is the longest one. And she apologized for not saying enough.

I learned how to be patient from being a part of the step team. Having a bunch of teenagers with different attitudes in one room a couple days out of the week can be hectic, especially for those who had a difficult time learning or getting the rhythm. I gained confidence as a whole because I was put into a position to tell others what to do and you know I was always shy. It helped me come into myself as a person and it made me feel like I could lead people and work with teams. It also humbled me because I had to be fair and know that even though I was in that position to listen ad not make everything about me, it really helped me get out of my comfort zone. I remember I told you I couldn't do it and you were like, "girl, I know you can, you can dance, so I know you can step. If I could step I would do it myself, but I can't." LMFAO. You really motivated me into something I wouldn't have wanted to do, and it was new to the school, so I'm glad I was able to a part of something you started with you being new to the school, as well.


She was in my honors class and one of the few female students who I never saw speak ill of others. And PS Shae, I had to pull out of my doctorates program, but that's okay.

Okay, so one thing I always noticed (but never mentioned in your class) is that you actually work SO hard. Between you having kids, teaching at both Battery Creek and TCL, and you still going to school, that's a lot! And it's kind of shown me that it is possible. I know this isn't really from your class itself, but it's something you showed/taught me lot. Most teachers at that school don't actually care about their jobs and you truly enjoy teaching and the subject which you teach. You were one of my favorite classes I had in high school and I hope you keep working as hard to reach your goals.


I made him move into a higher level class  because he was just so sharp. Top 5 in the running for us clashing heads. He knows this.

One thing that really irritated my very last nerve was doing annotations. When we first began doing, them I felt they were so useless and unnecessary; but quickly I learned they were an amazing tip. They made studying easier, because I was able to look at the notes I made early instead of rereading an entire text. Also, it made me show down and understand and analyze the text. Truly, we got into multiple arguments about how you were not going to make me annotate any work. But, I am truly grateful for the patience and understanding you had for me. You made English fun again, something I didn't care for for a long time.

P.S. If you were in my S1 honors class last year, you remember the jokes I kept on Sonja and Shae, which is why I put them near on here. I will never quit my roast.



He has a crush on my little sister Also, he gave me Hell all year. As he is one of the smartest (and laziest) young men I know. I cried when he joined the Army and thanked me. He was my favorite basketball player to watch.

The most valuable thing I got from your class was maturity. You created a mature learning environment for me and my classmates which is uncommon in high school.



​She was one of my poetry babies and always has so much passion in her soul for all she does.

​You taught me the value of love. That I do not have to give love for the sole purpose that I want to receive love. That my love is a special part of me that not everyone I encounter needs to experience. That my love is most importantly meant to be given to myself.This kid was in "the class" that teachers would pray for me for. It was 13 students, 10 of which were males. They joked me to death and made me realize I cannot judge students off of other teachers negativity. He and I had so so so many just hearty life talks and his friends favorite joke was saying his mouth was stank.

ADONIS ​2016

​My most valuable thing I got from your class was the opportunity to learn from a magnificent teacher. The talks we had about life and the future were very valuable because you helped me guide myself on the right path. I need more positive people in my life like you.  I'm trying to only surround myself by positive people. Thank you for being there.

KELS ​2017 Kels is one of the sweetest and deepest thinking souls I've met. The talks her and I have had can never possibly be forgotten. 

​The most valuable thing I got from this class is being able to go to somebody to talk to when you felt like you had nobody. Even if it was dealing with you failing a test and it upset you, Ms. Snowden was always there to help me get back up and have the confidence I needed to try again. You rarely have teachers that show they care for your learning the way she does. Going to her and talking to her was the best part of my whole senior year. She made me feel so much better and I valued that. I'm so thankful to have had a teacher like her.I had the pleasure of having this jokester in 2015 and 2017. I laughed until I cried when he sat in a broken chair and fell to the floor. Also, he was always game to read Shakespeare, Mockingjay, or any other work in class for me. He also has a dope blog he made in my class. He is amazing.


Ms. Snowden, you never made me angry or upset. I loved your class. I learned a lot thanks to you. The most valuable thing I got from your class was my writing improved since my sophomore year and you helped me with my grammar.

JESS ​2015

Her and Jimmy are my favorite couple, and I tell them far too often (on social media, at Waffle House, and Waterfest, mostly). She also went on a family vacation with my family when I was about 20 and tried to cover up a fart, and failed miserably at it. I still make fun of her for that to this day. ​The most valuable thing I got from your class was learning to always believe in yourself when things are the hardest, and to always laugh & smile. Things weren't easy for me going through high school, and you understood that about me. You helped me accomplish whatever I could, and without you, and you pushing me I probably would've never graduated!

BRI 2017

Holy attitude. Bri and I would have such hate in our eyes on some days, whew. But I always felt as if it was little sister hate. Where she would want to fight me, but would still love me after, if that makes sense.

You didn't make me angry, I just felt like you were challenging me. I had to leave class early and you said I wouldn't be able to balance it so I should get out and go into Mr. Brown's class. So I went home and thought about it and I said I would prove you wrong... and I did. I think I passed with like a High B. You're really good at challenging people, or at least... I think you are. I'll use this same encouragement when I start my college classes.

SAM ​2016

If you read my blog, you already know about Sam.

The poems were all stupid! Haha, no jk, but the most valuable thing I learned was to be glad that we were young. And we had a chance to fuck up in school because the real world sucks, but take everything you get out of life and cherish it, because tomorrow it can be all gone! Love you Ty!

JASON ​2015

Jason was a gem who cracked too many jokes (that were funny) and was mature enough to understand my death look that meant shut up. Also, in my defense, the test was the next day ANYWAYS and I allow retests 

This one time you made me angry was when one day you wasn't in the mood or somebody pissed you off and I guess my turnt class(3B) was making it worse while we were reading something, but you stopped everything and threw a goddamn test (not no quiz) a test and I failed that shit. Then you rudely told me that I was then failing your class.

I wanted to curse yo ass out sooo bad but I let you have it.

The most valuable thing I got from your class was work hard (Now) play harder(Later). You are the key to your own future well this is from personal convoys included.

CARSON ​2017

GEM GEM GEM. This sweet girl was always such a heartbeat. She loved helping others, loves reading, and matches my sarcasm.

You always made me angry in your class because you saw something in me that I could never see. ​The most valuable thing I learned in your class, besides the obvious, would be to just live life because no matter what you can always laugh about it later.

LJ 2017

Sylvester was definitely the little brother I never had. He made me cry in class once, real tears for bullying me about getting dumped. And shoutout to LJ for getting me Waterfest tickets this year! A forever burned in my brain student.

You know what made me upset, you not giving me that 100 and leaving me at a 99.

But you never made me angry. Hmmmm a valuable lesson I learned.... I learned that you can't always listen to what previous students say because you're completely different than what they said. Your work wasn't hard like they said, you weren't mean and rude like they said. Soooo, you can't judge a teacher by what you hear.


I've known this kid for far longer than my teaching career runs.

He was always so hip to my jokes, and is an unmatchable clown to have around. 

The most valuable thing I got from your class was finding a way to use my education. Going completely "pencil-free" was a new way to do assignments gave us a sense of what college and jobs in the real world is like. Technology is changing around us everyday so go with the flow.


The love I have running through my veins for this woman.

​She said add her on snap: freeesosa

You always used to stand by your door before class started and one day I didn't see you. So I started yelling YES MRS. SNOWDEN GOT A SUB!!! But when I walked past your class, I saw you standing by the board. I was so fucking mad because I knew we had a test. You taught me that even tho we have kids young that we can still kick ass and be successful. Even if our kids are fighting over the last pop tart.?Oh, this sweet girl. I just pulled her hair at Waterfest. She has a sweet, sweet, heart and was always one of those that I felt connected to inevitably. 

SHERRY ​2015

The most valuable thing I learned from your class would be how to put together words that were in Old English into the English we use now and how poetry explains more than we think it does. And to learn, but not in a boring way.

CIE ​2016

This sweet girl has saved my life by picking up Jizelle from school nights I teach at TCL. She then deals with all three of my kids until I get home. We have long conversations and laughs. I am forever grateful for her.

​The most valuable thing I learned from your class was time management; if it wasn't for your class I would procrastinate everything

KIESHA ​2016

This child is one of my forever students. I taught her senior year, then her first two English classes at TCL as well. She always is ready to laugh.​

The most valuable thing I learned in your class is that I can always do better than just "good". Meeting a standard is good but go above and beyond the standard to be GREAT. You can always do better . ​


A time when I got angry at you in class was when I didn't turn in my homework or didn't do the classwork assignment for that day and you entered 0's instead of just looking out for a young brother. The most valuable thing I got out of your class is to never give up.

When you were being trifling in class and stopped the movie so we ended up doing class work. ? That everyone else can screw off. You taught us to be ourselves especially in our writing. With the how systematic they have everything it was nice to be able to take writing and English into our own hands and have our way with it.


Parents, thank your children's teachers.

Students, thank your teachers.

All in all, bust your ass, get shit done.

Love, hugs, and lots of kisses,

Cheers, ​Ty Snowden



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