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Hello, Spring: Students + Teachers Are Burnt Out

Updated: May 25, 2022

We have reached that time in the year that students are burnt out, but so are we.

Tract makes it easy for teachers to find low prep activities that students will love.

Tract is FREE forever for teachers -- but only if you sign up using the access code KINDASORTATEACHER at

Tract is a site that empowers students to use 21st century skills through project-based and peer to peer learning. Students in grades 3-12 will have the opportunity to learn, create, share, and teach fellow students.Tract’s lessons are designed to capture kids’ imaginations and to give them a safe, supportive environment to learn, create, share, and teach each other as they engage with students from around the world.

Turn Kids into Creators

Considering so many children currently dream of being a content creator, whether on YouTube or TikTok, Tract is a perfect avenue for them to begin exploring the true tools required to make it big in the world of creation! Students can create their own learning path to take charge of their learning.

  • Tract empowers students to channel their motivation to be Creators toward productive academic pursuits.

  • Tract has intertwined PBL best practices with content conventions from TikTok, SnapChat, and YouTube to create a fun, educational experience to empower students to become creators on Tract!

  • By developing their own learning path on Tract, students of every level have the opportunity to select a topic of interest and create a dynamic learning experience around that content through a series of project-based learning activities designed to help them become effective creators. And, the final artifact -- your students' lesson -- continues to live beyond the assignment, as students around the world can learn from it!

  • From researching and outlining, to scripting, recording, and presenting to their peers, your students can develop the 21st century skills employers are looking for most by creating their own class on Tract.

  • And, with built-in awards and a clear path to becoming a paid Creator, teachers can easily motivate students to turn their YouTube + TikTok star aspirations into a reality by being a published, paid Partner on Tract!

Teachers, Tractify Your Lessons

You’re not ready for this.

Something actually made easy for teachers?

And it’s insanely helpful?

Sounds too good to be true-- but it isn’t!

By Tractify I mean for free Tract will bring to life your lesson plans to life-- Tract's mission is to make CCSS, NGSS, and all curriculum standards engaging for all students.

You can teach math through probability in Minecraft; literature and Greek mythology by exploring the adventures of Thor - you get the idea. Curriculum topics in an engaging student voice.

If you’re wondering if you can use Tract during instructional time-- the answer is yes. But how?

  • Assigning a general goal to reach by a given date

  • Assigning a specific learning path to complete by a given date

  • Assigning a specific challenge to complete by a given date

  • Assigning a collection of learning paths to choose from and complete by a given date

Maybe you’re not the most tech savvy or thrive from a teacher community?

Tract Teacher’s Lounge is the place for you.

From casual chit-chat with fellow teachers, to stories about how other educators are using Tract to innovate in their classroom, the Teacher's Lounge offers a space for Tract Teachers to connect with like-minded educators, share knowledge, and collaborate with the Tract team.

All in all, teachers, I promise you this: If you incorporate tract into your classroom, you won't regret it.

Again, you can get Tract for free, but only if you sign up using the access code KINDASORTATEACHER at

Hugs, love, and lots of kisses.



Ty Tiger | Kinda Sorta Teacher



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