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Shifting Your Mindset to Become a Teacherpreneur

If you have considered taking the leap and starting your teacher based business, then it's time for you to stop making excuses and dive in.

You don't have to have it all together right now, but you must at least take a few minutes to envision the life you want.

Before my teacherpreneur journey in August of 2022 I wanted:

  • More income and financial freedom

  • More time with my family

  • The freedom to make my own choices

  • To impact students not only in my classroom, but all over

  • To help other teachers somehow

  • The ability to travel without saving for months

  • A pair of Airpods (the originals, not even the pros!)

  • An additional vehicle to accommodate our growing family

I had no idea this was even possible, it was a dream, a distant thought. But then I decided to try to look at things differently and to practice what I preach.


We tell our students this.

We remind new teachers it’s all about perspective.

“Positivity is key.”

All the rainbows and hooplah. That is where this thing begins-- making money online; the whole monetization game won’t be mastered if your outlook isn’t prepared.

I am not the most positive person-- I can get sucked up in the workroom drama of the hour. I can feel pissed when I get another email explaining the new thing we are going to be doing, you know-- advisory with our homeroom, positive parent phone calls, study hall for all students below a 70% in your class each week, the opportunity to retest on Friday’s (and it must be a new test). Whatever that new thing is, it seems like our list of work is never ending.

I often feel like I have no time to even breathe outside of work.

I don't always keep that pep in my step and look on the brighter side. Nonetheless, one of the great things about teaching; we still receive my direct deposit twice per month. The same amount, each time, whether I’ve been on the sunny side of education or procrastinated, complained, and vented on TikTok in the process.

Building a business in which you consistently profit from branding yourself and monetizing your content-- you can’t behave in that same way.

Your business will not thrive with that mindset.

As a teacher, we are not a business. We are employees. A pawn on the board. A pebble in the creek. A speck on the map.

In your business, you are the CEO.

The one who oils the machine, turns the gears, and lands the deals.

We have to shift gears from teacher brain to business owner brain. That sounds funny-- business owning.

However, that’s what this is. Monetizing your content, building your brand, and generating revenue that is on par with your teaching salary is just that.

A business.


If you're ready to start your Teacherpreneur journey, be on the lookout for my next blog post that will dive into limiting beliefs-- sometimes the only thing standing in the way is ourselves.

If you know you are ready to invest in yourself, you can enroll in my self paced course, From Educator to Entrepreneur or join my Teacherpreneur Membership that will take you from siting on an idea to implementing steps that will lead your teacher business to finally come to life.

Now I will tell you something you may not want to hear. You know that life you are dreaming of? You will not live that you're dreaming of if you don't make any changes.

Envision that life. Make that change. Live that life.

Hugs, love, and lots of kisses.


Ty Tiger | Kinda Sorta Teacher



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