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The Best Ed-Tech Website Yet: Tract

If y’all haven't hopped on the Tract Train yet-- then all aboard. This is for you.

Since Tract launched in 2020 they’ve raised 9.5 million dollars from investors and executives at Canva and YouTube, so you know it’s gotta be good!

Tract isn’t just some other educational website-- they’re on a mission to build a community of learners who are empowered through content creation, specifically sharpening skills in critical thinking and solving real world problems by allowing students to take the wheel to learn, create, and share their multimedia content. Yes-- Tract is teaching them how to be the YouTube and TikTok stars they dream to be!

I am here to get you and your students free access to Tract by going to to join using my code: kindasortateacher.

It’s pretty simple, after you join, you invite students by sharing them a link. The teacher can use the explore feature to search through turnkey, standards based lessons for Math, Science, ELA, Health, World Language, Social Sciences, the Arts, and more.

There's something for all of us.

Tract also has Project Guides for all areas that include everything we need to let students explore, create, and learn. These project guides are ready to be shared to students and are thorough enough that you can grab and go without any prep. Click here to access these FREE turnkey project guides.

The guide includes:

  • Big ideas

  • Learning objectives

  • Duration

  • Project Rubric

  • Key Terms and Concepts

  • Standards

  • Introduction videos from Tract creators

  • Discussion Questions

  • Choice Board for the Project

    • Editor Letter

    • Song or Rap

    • Short Play

    • Podcast

    • Teaching a Lesson

    • Create your own (video, music, drawing , sculpting)

  • The possibility got your students to win awards from Tract for their content creation

SO dope, right? And these aren’t drab topics like “what’s your favorite animal,” but things that will actually engage the students and connect to their lives like:

  • What is the best way to raise awareness about an important issue in our community?

  • Why do we need to connect decimals to fractions in real life?

  • How can we use communication to change the world?

  • If you were in charge of NASA what would you do?

  • How can you build wealth as a kid?

  • Should art be a required class?

If you decide to use Tract with your students, then on December 9 you can tune in live for the Tract-a-thon, an interactive, virtual celebration recognizing outstanding student work through awards, surprise guests, and prizes.

I'm telling you, y'all. Tract is the answer to so many of our prayers! Get access to it for free now b y heading to and using my code: kindasortateacher!

Hang in there, teacher homies.

Hugs, love, and lots of kisses.


Ty Tiger | Kinda Sorta Teacher



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