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Tract's Free Summer Creator Camp

Summer break can’t come quick enough. Teachers desperately need that time to rest and recover. While the kiddos also need time to unwind-- and by unwind I mean scroll on TikTok for 18 hours a day.

Whether you have a couple weeks left or already have sailed off into the summer sunset, Tract has free opportunities for your students to get to live their dream of being a TikTok or YouTube star. The best part is it will remain educational with topics they’ll be eager to digest.

Tract is having the first-ever Summer Creator Camp! You can get registered for free by going to and using my code: kindasortateacher.

Tract can be offered to students as an alternative to summer reading, for teachers looking to personalize summer school, for summer camps, or as extended learning opportunities for all students grades 3-8.

You can give your students free access to weeks of virtual, hands-on learning experience where they can participate in daily activities and livestreams. Creators and community leaders will offer assistance guiding students to level up their creator skills in areas of content creation, video editing, and presentation skills.

Tract states that “By tacking Tract on to summer reading and take-home assignments, teachers can support rising 3 - 8 graders in preventing summer learning loss, eliminating opportunity gaps, and developing the skills required to succeed in the 21st Century.”

Here's some video types that will be covered:
  • Videos about yourself

  • Compilation videos

  • Gaming videos

  • Reaction videos

  • Skits and How To

Here's some must have skills students will learn:
  • Use sound effects like a pro YouTuber

  • Intro to stop motion animation

  • Creating eye-catching text for videos

  • Hollywood filmmaking and special FX

  • Making the ultimate thumbnail

Keep your studnets (or even your own children) entertained and educated this summer, thanks to Tract. And don't forget to head to and using my code: kindasortateacher.


Hugs, Love, and Lots of Kisses.


Ty Tiger | Kinda Sorta Teacher



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