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Three way to play this interactive or printable Gen Z BINGO. If you're looking to get conversations started, this is a great resource. Helps build rapport and relationships with twenty-first-century learners. 


17 Slides in total

Table of Contents

  • Slide 1-3 directs for 3 different ways to play
  • Slide 4-5 Prefilled BINGO cards (editable to change any of my items or keep the same)

  • Slide 6-17 blank BINGO cards that can be used digitally or printed (and edited on the computer by teacher made board or from studnets!)

    • Drag and Drop Bingo markers for each bingo  card


When I use this, I have students on a whole share document (post on Google Classroom with edit rights). Then each student stays on their slide while we play.


If you aren't confident that your students will stay on their own slide, then modify as needed and post as "each student gets a copy" and they will each have their own personal copy of a bingo card to turn in.


Receive a digital ticket with Google Slide copy link to save it right to your Google Drive for easy access! 

Back to School Bingo (Google Slides or Print)

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