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Sometimes we all get caught in a pinch and fall into the cycle of life. This activity is perfect for students to positively reflect on their lives. This activity is full of positivity and will be a nice reminder that they are perfect just the way they are.


  • Slides topics include:

    • Being Grateful

    • Decompressing

    • Uniqueness

    • Proud of Myself 

    • Letting Go 

    • Emotions, Feelings, Accountability

    • Self Awareness

    • Forgiving Yourself

    • Letter to Yourself


Great for sub work, warm up, SEL time, morning meeting, exit tickets, early finishers, or free time!


Be sure to practice communication and listening skills by allowing students to share and ask questions to peers after slides have been individually completed!


Caught in a Pinch

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$4.99Sale Price
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