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A way I've found to keep my stduents in high spirits, informed, and on their toes looking for the next stupid thing I do, is with these "back drops."


Typically I will use them Little notes, reminders, cringey comments, or things up as a desperate attempt to make my students smile before the meet starts, as a silent transitional cues, during individual working time, a backdrop while they listen to me blab. It makes things feel a little normal and spunky.


It's a nice change of pace from my agenda slides (from them seeing the tasks/standards/directions) and opens up a bit more personality and tempermant through something as simple as these backdrops serving as the screen casted during our live meetings.


For $25.00 the custom backdrop will include 10 slides where you can choose:

  • Your name
  • quotes
  • inside jokes 
  • expectations
  • reminders
  • theme/style
  •  preferred colors


When you purchase, you'll receive a Google Form driectly to your email wher you will complete the survey with your personalized requests! 


I look forward to making these ideas come to life for you-- they are so fun.

for your slide's backdrops!


Examples below are my "February Freebie: Google Slides Backdrops."


You can Snag them from this link here, but they can't be edited (or customized) since they are png images set as backgrounds! 

Custom BackDrops

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