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Teachers have you notied the students think they are currently like 1990s and Y2K experts even though we are the ones who lived through it... Yeah, weird right? That got me to thinking, it would be fun to see how much they reallyyyy know about the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s pop culture.


Want to get the kids talking, debating, and acting crazy (well, just a little crazy) in class with this Decade Debate. Questions are presneted with images, movie trailers, and songs, so this won't be a silent activity!


There's 2 Slides provided, the teacher copy (that has the questions and answer slide with confetti after each question) and the student version that student will drag and drop to circle their best guess. You can have students debate in pairs, small groups, or free for all with the class opening for full chatter.


Table of contents:

  1. Notes for the teacher
  2. Title Slide
  3. Google It... Research the Decades 
  4. Helpful Hints | What the tecaher associates with each decade
  5. Decade collage creator
  6. Teachers decade collage creator (I give you mine or you can make your own while students work on theirs)
  7. Directions on how to play
  8. Slides 7-76 Interactive Q&A of decade questions
  9. Slides 77-85 Create your own decade debate questions 


Modern, 21st century skills, and loads of fun for the students and teacher!


Decade Debate

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