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30+  slides in this bundle!


  • 1 Earth Day Title Slide

  • Video 1

  • Video 2

  • 2 Supplemental Reading Links

  • Recycling Reflection

  • Mask Decomposition 

  • Mask Decomposition Answer

  • Litter Decomposition

  • Litter Decomposition answers

  • Talkin' Dirty... Diaper Facts

  • Diaper Digits Math Slide

  • Diaper Digits Answers

  • What way do humans need the Earth?

  • What can we do to save the Earth?

  • If we don't make changes what will happen?

  • 1 Title Slide on Spring Symbolism

  • Rebirth Explanation

  • Hashtag creation

  • Spring senses

  • COVID comparison

  • COVID overcome

  • Positives of COVID

  • Spring watch list

  • Before Vitamin D Video

  • Vitamin D video options

  • Vitamin D Video bedroom 

  • After Vitamin D Video

  • Taking advantage of the sunshine

  • It's finally spring agenda slides

  • April monthly calendar 

  • April weekly calendar

Earth Day and Spring Bundle

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