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You will receive a  Google Slide copy of each assignment. 


Gen Z Terminology Slides are a fun way to get your secondary stduents engaged by taking Gen Z terms and defining them in their own words. Students will have the opportunity to not only create the definitions, but generate captions for gifs using the gen z term in context.


Includes 17 Slides

  • Title Slide
  • Word List
  • 5 definition slides
  • 5 gif captioning slides
  • Examples of each (definition slide and gif slide)


"What is School for?" by Prince EA Slides is an activity that prompts students to think about the value of education, while challenging the conventional educational school system in the US. Students will watch Prince EA's video "What is School For" and then have a group discussion and respond to questions together prompting application to real world analysis, specifically covering what they're taught in their k-12 journey as a studnet.

Includes 12 slides:

  • title slide
  • qestion 1-10 preview
  • Directions and YouTube Link Slide
  • 5 group discussion slides
  • 5 group response questions 


Gen Z Terminology and What is School For Bundle (Google Slides)

$7.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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