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If you want to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your students while offering choice, this is the perfect activity for your students. Show your students the importance of embracing culture and celebrating diversity!


Choice Board Slides with video links and creative assignments to pick from:These slides are the perfect opportunity to incorporate a new person of the day for the duration of Hispanic Heritage Month with 10 video options to pick from.


Video Accountability Checks: Each video guide also has a Google Form (digital) and Google Doc (printable) to provide to students with 10 multiple choice questions and 4 open response questions connected to the Hispanic Heritage Month Videos.


6 Creative Activities Options to Complete for Each Video. Examples include:

  • Design a "Code of Conduct" poster, which illustrates the various rules and life skills the speaker implemented in his coaching style.

  • Create a social media campaign using cartoons to raise awareness about the situation in Venezuela, sharing stories and facts through drawn narratives.

  • Put yourself in the speaker's shoes and write a letter to your younger self, giving advice based on what you have learned from your coaching experience.

  • Research and create a playlist of songs by the speaker (or other artists with similar backgrounds and missions) that resonate with the themes of education, empowerment, and change discussed in the speech.

  • The speaker mentioned that she wished she could give her family members "permission to be soft." Write a letter from the speaker to a family members, conveying this message and encouraging them to embrace vulnerability and self-care.

  • Develop a social media campaign using hashtags, artworks, and stories to raise awareness about the importance of education and to promote the initiatives discussed in the speech, encouraging more people to get involved in the cause.


Each video has 6 creative choice activities similar to the ones above to give students choice over the work they complete to boost ownership.



Videos include:

  • America Fererra TED Talk

  • Shakira Speech

  • Selena Gomez Speech

  • Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez TED Talk

  • Gabby Rivera TED Talk

  • Johanna Figueira TED Talk

  • Luis Zayas TED Talk

  • Rayma Suprani TED Talk

  • Soccer and Life Skills TED Talk

  • Xiye Bastida TED Talk


Two ways to assign:

  • Double Choice: assign each student a choice board. They then will choose which video to watch and choose which activity to complete. Optional: Assign the video viewing sheet (Google Doc or Google Form) for accountability and to check for understanding.

  • Single Choice: Assign each student a choice board. Teacher will choose what video students will watch for the day as a class then students choose which activity to complete. Optional: Assign the video viewing sheet for students to complete while watching the video as a class (Google Doc or Google Form) for accountability and to check for understanding.


Also as an added bonus you will get free access "Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month" Printable Sheet. Have students answer and dec orate and hang on display in the halls and classroom!


Not sure when to assign if it doesn't fit in perfectly with your content area? Try these:

  • sub work

  • warm up

  • free time

  • brain breaks

  • make up days

  • closing circle

  • morning meeting

  • early finishers

  • after testing

  • extra credit

  • circle time


Please Read: These slides and printable activities are NOT editable! Some topics may touch on "mature topics" such as LGBTQ+, gun violence, government corruption, as we celebrate the bravery of these individuals, uplift their stories, and share their experiences.

Hispanic Heritage Month Choice Board

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