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  • 10 Winter Themed Activities
    •  This or That Holiday Edition
    • Pump Ya Breaks (ranking holiday traditions and plans)
    • Personalize Your Own Tree (using holiday decor & apps)
    • Amazon Cart (adding 5 things to the "cart" that could change the world to make it a better place)
    • Grocery Line Checkout (adding fav. winter break snacks and holiday favorites to the grocery belt)
    • A Note to Give Thanks (from the Thanksgiving bundle, a Gmail/iPad letter of appreciations to an adult)
    • Snapchat 2020 Reflection (5 things you learned about life this year)
    • Holiday Themed Netflix Template (find out what shows they will be catching up on over break)
    • Hulu Holiday Nostalgia (adding shows, movies, places, memories to the Hulu slide to show what holiday things make them nostalgic and why)
    • Frozen Disney Plus (Listing favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Start Wars, and Nat Geo films/shows)
  • 1 montly canendar 
  • 1 weekly calendar 


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Interactive Winter Activities for Secondary Students

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