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Do you ever find yourself drowning in grading yet? Then on top of that, keeping up with grading late work? This is my OG Late Form that I shared on TikTok years agin and I'm finally listing it!


Students will complete a series of 3 questions on a Google Form and submit it to get in line for getting their late work graded. 


On your end, you'll have a Google Sheet that shows:

  • A timestamp of when the Form was submitted from students
  • Their school email address
  • What they turned in late
  • Why they turned it in late


After you update grades, simply fill the boxes of all assignments that have been graded with a different color so you always know exactly where you left off grading!


This has left my students no longer reminding me dailiy that "I turned in something late, can you grade it?"


Perfect to hold students accountable and keep track of who is turning what in late! 

The OG Late Form

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