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 15 slides in this bundle!

  • BONUS 3 Editable Agenda, lesson, directions templates in tota

  • 7 New Years Themed Activities

    • Personal Hype Man Letter
    • The Year in Gifs
    • Extra Extra News
    • Top Tunes
    • This or That New Years Edition
    • Vibes in Gifs
    • Flashback with Emojis
      • 1 page full of png for quick access for students 
  • 1 Holiday themed January calendar 

  • 1 Holiday themed weekly calendar 

  • 1 Quick Access Clipart and Gif slides 

  • 1 quick access timer slides (youtube videos to copy and paste to your slides as needed to keep students on task)

New Year 2024 Activities

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$4.99Sale Price
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