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  • 15 Daily Agenda, Instructions, or Lesson Slide Templates
  • 5 secondary Thanksgiving activities
    • Fill Up Your Virtual Amazon Black Friday Shopping Cart
    • iPad and Gmail "A Note Giving Thanks" Email Template
    • This or That Thanksgiving Food (One Must Go!)
    • Create your Thanksgiving Plate (Drag and Drop fav foods to your virtual plate)
    • Go, Stop, Slowdown, ranking Thanksgiving foods
  • 4 Bitmoji classroom templates 
  • 1 Countdown Until Thanksgiving November Calendar
  • 1 weekly calendars/agendas
  • 2 quick access slides of transparent Thanksgiving clipart.
  • 1 quick assess slide of YouTube video timers to copy and past to slides to keep students on track

Thanksgiving Activities and Slide Templates (2020)

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$9.95Sale Price
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