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  1. Virtual Ice Breakers #1 (Netflix, Grocery Story, Apps, Travel, Text)
  2. Virtual Ice Breakers #2 (Hulu, Disney Plus, Sports Center, Super Heroes, School Sites/Apps)
  3. TikTok and Snapchat Welcome Pack (TikTok, Snapchat, This or That, Aesthetic Templates)
  4. Virtual Novel/Reading Choice Board (Bitmoji Classrooms and Interactive slides with click-and-go while in present mode for 6 daily assignments and agenda example for middle school and secondary students)


Interactive slides with drag and drop, text box fill in, and insert image slides. Fun and engaging. Or if you have different ideas, simply keep the fun template and change the directions! This is a PowerPoint download, I use them on Google Slides. You can upload and edit on Slides or use in PPT. 

Virtual Complete Starter Pack

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