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Want to get the kids talking, debating, and acting crazy (well, just a little crazy) in class with engaging and modern topics of discussion? This Vs. Battle is perfect to use to get the students excited about researching and practicing locating credible sources! 


Students will begin with a variety of vs style questions where teachers will provide them with 30 seconds to debate a vs. style topic. You have editable options so you can have students debate in pairs, small groups, or free for all with the class opening for full chatter.


After debating all topics varying from rappers, singers, athletes, social media, food and snacks, technology, nature, and money, students will narrow down their sites to just one pairing. 


Teachers will review what a credible source is, then turn students over to do research to prove who the winner of their desired pairing is. They will locate evidence and provide their credible sources to support their responses not only for the winner of the VS. battle, but for the loser too!


Modern, 21st century skills, and loads of fun for the students and teacher!


VS. Battle Interactive Activity + Research and Credible Sources

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