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I help teachers acquire the confidence to monetize their gifts and provide them with the framework I used to surpass my monthly teaching salary in 30 days.

meet the kinda sorta teacher.

An avid drinker (of coffee naturally), adoration for obnoxious Christmas attire, yelling at her students, and Peter Pan, Ty has been teaching as a high school English teacher for 6 years and a part time English professor for 5 years. While her expertise are housed in the educational field according to her Bachelor's in English and Master's in Education, Ty has taught herself to be diverse in the realms of producing enticing written material in the areas of: journalism, research, content creation, and personal blogging.

Courses creation seemed like the natural course of action. As a public high school educator, we have a cap on the number of students reached each year. Offering the same rigorous and standard aligned content provided to my students in public schools, these courses offer students across the Nation to dive into YA group students that are facilitated by educational specialist, read and analyze Literary classics from British to American Lit, and dive into writing workshops that focus on both analytical or creative writing development.

These courses offer a safe space for teens and young adults to communicate, gain confidence in educational discussion, and engage with a teacher-- without it feeling like school. All work is indeed optional; each learning opportunity provided from the proposed reading schedule to the TikTok live sessions are the recommended course of action for those who are interested in developing their academic confidence in the area of group discussion, Literature, reading fluency, analysis, and writing. 

Aside from the classroom, you can find Ty blogging. This is where she began her rinky-dink web design. Now, 6 years later, she owns The Kinda Sorta Teacher LLC. which specialized in web design, content writing, reading and writing courses, and teacher apparel. ​She spends most of her time working and reading, scrolling TikTok since she gave in to the app while practicing social distancing, eating her husbands delicious culinary creations, grading her students work, avoiding answering her cell phone, and  or giving her children the "look" when they are behaving a little too crazy.

It's never too late to do whatever the Hell you wanna do. Never, ever.

Off to Neverland, my friends.

cheers ty snowden.png
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