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Use this activity for a fun and engaging way for students learn about your students in an untraditional way and allow them to use their imaginations rather than the age old "what did you do this summer" question.


The activity begins with telling students they've won tickets to a Taylor Swift Concert and they have 2 choices:


1. Go to the concert 

2. Give the tickets away


Depending on the students choice, they will be promted to a different slide to continue the process by telling you who they would take to the concert with them or who they would gift the tickets to. The activity continues and winds around to students building their dream trip.


Through a series of creative questions, you'll get to know your students in a unique way as they use their imagination to navigate this actity:


Slide 1: Title Slide

Slide 2: Directions + How to Play 

Slide 3-6: Concert Pathways

Slide 7-13: Get to know various modern topics about students (fashion, destination, modes of transportation, cell phone usage, television habits, fav foods + snacks, their go-to meal to cook etc.)

Slides 14-24: Crack the Swiftie Code (students will use jumbled images and words to figure out T-Swift lyrics)


Purchase will create a forced copy of a Google Slide. 


Each purchase is good for 1 download only, if you would like a quote for group access, please contact me at

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