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As you know, prom is expensive. Many students do not have the option to buy any outfit of their liking, rent a limo, or are too anxious to ask a date or even attend. 


Picture Perfect Prom is an activity designed to allow students to explore what they envision prom to be, even if they will not be attending.


Includes slides that allow the imagination to explore including:

  • What they would wear prom shopping
  • What outfit they'd choose for prom
  • What shoes they'd select
  • Accessories (hats, bow ties, suspenders, jewlery, etc.)
  • Bodily appearance (to include makeup, hairstyles, haircuts, etc.) and it's made aware that this is optional and they are perfect just the way they are
  • What they would "pull up" to prom in
  • Who they would attend with (includes saying it can be a solo, single, group--real, fictional character, celebrity, or alone)

Picture Perfect Prom

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