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If you are brave enough to have some fun with your middle and high school students as we approach spring break and return from the break, this hilarious spring teacher roast is for you. Teens and big kids deserve to have a good time in class and get some SEL and laughter in with their teachers.


WARNING the kids are going to make fun of you, so I only recommend this for individuals who already have this sort of relationship with their students. Because mine are GOOFY and throw jokes at me with some good fun!


This includes 22 slides in all including options to roast the teacher on:

  • Shoes
  • DoorDash choice
  • Target shopping
  • Crying
  • Karaoke
  • and more!


Not sure how to infuse these fun activities into the secondary classroom? These slides are perfect for:

  • sub work
  • SEL time
  • morning meeting
  • closing circle
  • early finishers
  • free day
  • make up work days
  • extra credit
  • and any other time you have a few extra minutes to spare


Notice: this identical to the "So you think you know me like that" activity, but adjusted to the asthetic of spring break


Spring Break Teacher Roast

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