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If you're looking for a Thanksgiving activity that gets your middle or high school students engaged, this is resource for you! Includes a Google Form and Google Slides activity. And as an added bonus, enjoy free Thanksgiving agenda templates.
This Thanksgiving resource is specifically made to be fun and educational for secondary students (can even work for upper elementary students).
Start with the YouTube video entitled "The Real Story of Thanksgiving" from The History Channel to teach students about the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native American, The Feast of 1621, how and why Thanksgiving became a holiday, Thanksgiving's connection to the troops, the origins of the Thanksgiving Parade, and more!
There is a Google Form for students to complete while watching the documentary.
In addition, there are Google Slides interactive activities that allow middle and high school students some downtime, self reflection, and Thanksgiving themed fun as we approach the holiday:
  • 5 secondary Thanksgiving activities
  • Fill Up Your Virtual Amazon Black Friday Shopping Cart
  • iPad and Gmail "A Note Giving Thanks" Email Template
  • This or That Thanksgiving Food (One Must Go!)
  • Create your Thanksgiving Plate (Drag and Drop fav foods to your virtual plate)
  • Go, Stop, Slowdown, ranking Thanksgiving foods

The Real Story of Thanksgiving+ Interactive Activities

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