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Wanna reflect with the kiddos after a long holiday weekend? This is the perfect way to include all students and allow them to process how their holiday weekend was. 


This activity is FREE for VIP Monthly Members (April). If you are a frequent buyer, join the VIP Monthly Membership and get 9 resoucres automatically when you join!


Slides include:

  • Title Page
  • This or that title slide
  • This or that interactive/creation slide
  • Golden egg title slide
  • Golden egg interactive/creation slide
  • Jamming out title slide
  • Jamming out interactive/creation slide
  • Amazing vs. Stressful title slide
  • Amazing vs. Stressful interactive/creation
  • Visit with your Peeps title slide
  • Visit with your Peeps interactive/creation slide
  • Emoji vibe check 

Post-Easter Interactive Reflection

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$2.99Sale Price
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