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Here's Why I Decorate My Highschool Classroom for Seasons and Holidays

So, you're probably thinking "Ugh, why would a teacher decorate a high school classroom? Thats usually for elementary kids." And I would say you're not wrong, but you're not necessarily right.

I don't know about you, but when I start hearing Christmas music on the radio or see the stupid little gnomes Walmart puts out for the springtime, I get super excited. Even though Christmas is not my favorite holiday, it's refreshing to see the change in season. I believe that this philosophy applies in the classroom, especially the high school classroom. Decorating is more than just putting shit up on the wall. It has a positive effect on all aspects of the classroom (at least I think so) and it's relatively easy. I'm going to tell you some of the reasons I decorate, and we'll see if I can convince you to as well.

One of the main reasons I decorate my high school classroom is simply because it raises moral. Most high school kids have a lot going on outside of school, or even in school. To see a classroom that is fully or partially decorated, instead of those bland cement walls with random posters on it is immediately going to make students feel better. And we all know if students are in a good mood it does wonders for their work ethic. Students are not the only ones. Other teachers love to see a decorated classroom. They might even get inspired.

Decorating is also an effective way of making kids feel like they are part of the classroom. If decorating is going to be too much, or you just can't find the time, have students make decorations. Maybe some students will want to bring items in. Whatever it is, it builds community in the classroom. It'll make students feel like the space is also theirs. This can lead to many great behaviors. Students might care for their learning space more if they feel like its "theirs".

Back to the part where students get to decorate the classroom, they'll probably start bringing you stuff without even having to ask. The classroom becomes a home <3.

It's also a great way to help visual learners. Using decorations that relate to your lesson will enhance the lesson and help students remember. If there was a lesson that related to the season, like a spooky lesson for Halloween, students are more likely to remember the lesson due to the visual representation that came with it.

And lastly, its memorable. Especially if you are the only teacher who decorates for holidays and seasons. Students remember when teachers go all out, or make them feel wanted, because not all teachers do that. If they have you for more than one school year, then they'll know when the decorations go up, and get excited, which circles back to raised moral.

These are a few of the reasons I like to decorate my high school classroom. It's pretty much the same reason why I decorate anything else in my life. Did I convince you to get festive? Probably. Did I convince myself to start decorating for fall? Possibly.


Hugs, Love, and Lots of Kisses.



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